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The following is a testimony of Aynazik from Kemin Boarding school for disabled children.

Testimony| December 2023|Kemin Boarding school

       My name is Galina Chernova, I work as a teacher at Kemin Private Boarding School. I would like to tell you about one of our students, Aynazik Zarylbekova.


      Aynazik is 11 years old and she is studying in the 6th grade. She came to study at our school this academic year from September 1st. The girl came to our school from a regular school. Aynazik has a mental disability and that is why it was very difficult for her to study at the regular school and other children laughed at her.  When the mom brought the girl to our school, we asked the mom a question: "Why does she want to transfer her daughter from a regular school to our school? The mother answered: "Because at school other children laugh at the girl and hurt and humiliate her. Of course, we took this girl to our school and at first Aynazik was unsociable, closed, did not want to talk to anyone in the class. At first, she always cried and wanted to go home. In the mornings she and all the children started to attend the prayer service which is held in the school every morning.


       She started to sing praise songs, she likes to sing very much, when they pray in the class, she asks for prayers. The girl is now experiencing a big change, she is becoming friends with the children, she is asking to be given something to do, she wants to be needed, she is always asked to help in the kitchen or to look after the small children. Now she likes to study at school.


       We are grateful to God and our sponsors who give such children as Aynazik the opportunity to study, not only to study at school but also to recover emotionally, psychologically, to feel like a person who is needed and loved and accepted.


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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