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The testimony of Marina Rozhina, a child from Kara-Balta Children’s Home

Testimony| September 2023| Kara-Balta Children’s Home

      Hello! My name is Karina Rybalchenko, I am the spiritual coordinator of Kara-Balta orphanage.

     There is a girl Marina in our orphanage, she is 13 years old and I want to share her testimony with you. Marina has been living in our orphanage since 2017. It happened in her life that she had to be placed in the Children's Home because she had poor health, and her mom had to work for other people and live there because they had no place to live. Marina also has an older sister and brother with whom she used to communicate, but later it turned out that they lost contact. At the beginning of September her brother Nicolai, whom she had not seen for about 3 years came to visit Marina. Her brother is 18 years old and he has been working since he was a teenager. For a long time, he wanted to see his little sister but he didn't know in which orphanage she was placed. When the opportunity arose, he started looking for her and finally found her. Nicolai’s employer helped him to find Marina. Marina’s brother decided to come to congratulate her on her birthday but he arrived a couple of days later however still it was a big surprise for her. Marina was very happy to see her brother and she says that she prayed to God for about six months to see her brother and God answered her prayer. Her brother also gave her a very cool gift - a cell phone, now they can keep in touch.


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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