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From very scared girl to more open and confident.

Testimony| September 2023|Kemin Boarding School. 

      The testimony of Kemin Boarding school teacher about the girl which is studying there.

     My name is Inna Vladimirovna Gavrilova, I am a teacher of house econimics class at the boarding school in Kemin. I worked at the school earlier but later on I had to leave the school due to certain circumstances. This year I have returned to work at the school again, because I really like the atmosphere at the school and the staff I work with. I would like to share the testimony of a 9th grade student, Aydai Ryspekova, and the changes that took place in her life while I was not working at the school. Aydai is now 16 years old and has been studying at boarding school for several years. I remember when she came to the school to study, she was a closed and careful girl, you might say frightened. They had a very difficult situation in their family, her father drank a lot and beat her mom. Gradually being at school she began to trust people more and calmed down internally. I can clearly see that moral lessons have a special influence on her where children are told about God's love. During her time at school she has become a more confident and sociable girl. She is active and diligent in all her lessons. Unfortunately now there are no positive changes  in Aidai's family, her mother lives with another man, who is Aidai's stepfather. The girl often stays at school on weekends, as her mom thinks that it is safer for her to be at school. The girl also feels safer and more confident at school. Studying in a Christian school is a support in her life. We are grateful to God that there is such a place where such disabled children, who find themselves in difficult life situations, can not only study but find shelter even for a short time.


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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