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The following is a testimony from Anjelika Gubar, a 7th-grade student in Belovodsk Christian School. 

Testimony| April 2021| Belovodsk Christian School

          “At the beginning of 2020, the whole world was hit by the coronavirus. Every day, at morning school devotions, all the students of our school prayed that God would keep us and our loved ones safe from this terrible disease. For all of us, students and teachers, last year during the pandemic was very difficult, as education was switched to online mode, but even in this difficult situation, in our school, spiritual coordinators conducted lessons online.  


          What makes our school unique is that we have the opportunity to hear the Word of God in Bible classes. Together with the spiritual coordinator, we discuss topics that concern our lives, we discuss social issues, as well as issues related to the life of young people. But most importantly, we talk about God. We are taught how to pray to God and every day before going to bed I pray and thank God for every day I live, I also ask God's blessing for my family and friends.  Jesus Christ is the One in whom I trust absolutely in everything, He is the One who knows me best. Sometimes I feel that the Lord is so close. I listen to my inner voice and believe that the Lord Himself is my main counselor because I know that without God nothing would be possible in my life.


          I am grateful to the Lord for my family, for my friends and for the school I attend. I am also glad that the pandemic is receding and that I am able to go to school as before and get a great education. I believe that God will do many more miracles in my life”.  


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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