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The following is a testimony about Selim from Ivanovka School.

Testimony| June 2023|Ivanovka School 

     A summer evangelistic camp was held at the school of "Hope" in Ivanovka village from June 19-23, 2023. A wonderful team of volunteers from America, led by Pastor Martin, taught the children about Christ, learned songs in English, did creative activities and played many fun games. All these days there was an atmosphere of joy, happiness and love. One day Pastor Martin spoke about Christ's sacrifice and invited the children to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

     Several of the boys raised their hands in agreement. After that I, the coordinator Diana Iskakova, talked to the boys to see if they had done it consciously, to see if they had really acted in faith. As it turned out, not all of them fully realized what was happening, but they all wanted to be forgiven of their sins. But one boy, thank God, really confirmed to me his faith in Jesus as the Son of God, as his Lord and Savior.

     The boy's name is Selim Dikarakhunov, he studies at our school and has moved to the 7th grade. I asked him why he needed Jesus and Selim answered, "so that He could forgive my sins and I could follow in His steps!" He told me that after the prayer of repentance he felt great relief and intense joy. He said that he had a feeling inside, as if a light was sown within him, so he wanted to raise his hand in response to the call. All that day after returning home, joy and strength filled him and Selim said that he was eager to help his mother and do housework until the evening, even though he had not wanted to help his mom before.

     After camp I met with Selim and we talked about the fact that he is now a child of God. Selim believes this very much and he wants to follow Him.

Please pray for Selim, that the Lord will confirm him in his faith and for God's protection over him, and that the whole family of Selim will accept Jesus Christ in their hearts and Salvation comes to this house in the name of Jesus Christ!!!

     Thank you so much to Pastor Martin's team for the ministry! We look forward to seeing them next year.

     Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ.

     We can't show Selim's photo because we didn't get the permission from his parents.


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