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The following is a testimony about Rustam from Kara Balta Orphanage.

Testimony| February 2023|Kara Balta Orphanage 

     A testimony from the life of Saenko Rustam, the child of the Kara-Balta orphanage. He is almost one of the youngest children in the orphanage. Rustam's life is not an easy one, as it is with all our children. Rustam's mother was deprived of parental rights and he has been in orphanages and boarding schools since he was little.  Our orphanage was not the first one he has been in. Before he came here, Rustam lived in a state orphanage, where the conditions were much worse and he wasn't taken care of as he should have been. Coming to our orphanage he was able to live in better conditions. Here he was given all the help and support he needed. Being in our Christian orphanage, Rustam had the opportunity to hear about God and believe in Jesus. Like all children, Rustam wanted to live in a family. Many children ask that the Lord make it possible for their parents or relatives to take them, at least for vacations. Most parents do not care about their children or they are in a situation where the government doesn't want to entrust them with their children. Rustam wanted and prayed to live with his mother. And recently Rustam's mother decided to restore her parental rights, she got a stable job, she got a place to live. His mother began to make every effort so that Rustam could live with her again. Just recently there was a court, which ruled that she, Rustam's mother, has the right to take Rustam home. This is a great joy for Rustam. Within a month, the court allowed him to be taken home on weekends and vacations, and after a month he can be taken home for a full time. The fact that mom decided to take Rustam back home allowed me to start building a relationship with Rustam's mom, and from time to time I plan to visit their family. When Rustam was home for the weekend, I had the opportunity to visit them, talk to them, and invite them to church. His mom is very open to communication and doesn't mind Rustam going to church, and Rustam himself wants to continue to be a part of the children's ministry at church.


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