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The following is a testimony of Kirill, a student from Ivanovka School, written by the school coordinator.

Testimony| April 2022|Ivanovka School

   Kirill was 10 years old and studied in the 4th grade. He was active in school life, even participated in the Bible Olympiad as a team captain. He took a very responsible approach to preparations, diligently studying the book of Acts in the Bible. But because of financial problems, his parents decided to move Kirill from Ivanovka School to a local governmental school in Ivanovka village. As a school spiritual coordinator, I was very upset about that, because the boy loved studying the Scriptures and maybe if he stayed longer, he would know deeper about God. 

   However, three years later, I met him by chance.  He grew up, and he is now 13 years old. Moreover, since 2021 the boy started going to the local church. In December 2021, he accepted Jesus into his heart. Later he signed up for a Bible study group in his church and is now actively learning the Scriptures. Also, he is taking part in the Bible Olympiads from his church. 

   When we were speaking, he told me: "Even when I left the school, I didn't forget what I learnt. But rather, I was going to church and living with God.''  His words really encouraged me. 

   Biblical teachings given to children in school will show its fruit at the right time and won't be in vain. 

   I thank the Lord for this boy and hope he carries his faith in Jesus through his life. How good it is that he has been in this school, even if only for a little while, but he has learnt about the most important value he had to know. 


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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