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The following is a testimony from Lyudmila, Kemin Boarding School.

Testimony| June2022|Kemin Boarding School. 

   The boarding school has a daily prayer service from 8:30 to 9:00, where there is praise to the Lord and reading of God's Word. There is also a home group for the staff which meets every Friday. Many staff are starting to attend church in Orlovka regularly.  On April, 3rd, a Sunday Worship service was held in the church in Orlovka. The fourth-grade teacher, Lyudmila, was baptized. For a long time, she has been going to church in Orlovka.  When she came to work at the Boarding School, she listened to God's Word every day, attended praise service every morning, and came to the home group at the Boarding School. Because of this, she decided to start going to church, and has now taken a step to commit her life to God and become a member of the local church in Orlovka. Oleg is our spiritual coordinator and the pastor of the church. Such a bright event occurs in our school and church, where every day the spiritual coordinator carries out spiritual work with children and staff. Changes are happening, not only in the lives of the staff, but the children and even the parents, which means that the community is also transforming.


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