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The following is a testimony about a student Argen, from Kemin School.

Testimony| December 2021|Kemin Boarding School

   Argen is 8 years old and studies in the 2nd grade. When he first came to school, he was wild, distant and could not find a common language with his peers. He was very aggressive and naughty. At the prayer meetings, he couldn’t sit at all, covered his ears, and cried all the time.

   However, after being in our school for almost a year, he became more calm and sociable. He learned to play with children started to show interest in learning. Then children went to study online, and then they were at home for about 4 months during summer vacations. We regularly visited the kids at home during summer break, and I noticed a significant change in Argen during the time he was not in school. As soon as the child stopped attending prayer meetings because of online learning and summer vacation, he became aggressive again, and fearful. When we visited him in the summer, he could not even stand still and was always hiding behind his mother.

   When he came to school in September, the first few days he was still aloof. But day by day, attending school and prayer meetings, the child began to change for the better. I could see how the Lord was working with him and how studying and being in school were having a beneficial effect on him. Argen is becoming more obedient and friendly. He is very enthusiastic about coming to class, trying to help in any way he can, and when the children and I get up in the usual circle to pray at the beginning of class, he comes to us on his own, trying to get ahead of the other children.         


   I thank the Lord for this project, which gives children like ours the opportunity not only to learn but to hear God's Word and to learn to pray. I am sure that in the future they will be able to build their lives on God's principles.


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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