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The following is a testimony of Alisa. Student in Kara Balta Orphanage. 

Testimony| December 2022|Kara Balta Orphanage 

   My name is Alice and I turned 14 in November 2022. I have been in an orphanage for more than 6 years. I came to the orphanage because our parents were deprived of parental rights. My father and mother drank heavily, they didn't look after us and that's why we were taken to the orphanage.

   All these times I was very hurt, and I was very angry with my mother. I was angry at her for drinking and continuing to drink alcohol. She was also put in jail several times for stealing. I felt that I hated her, I wanted to hurt her. At the orphanage, staff and everyone prayed for me and told me that I needed to forgive my mother. But it was very difficult for me. I prayed to God about it myself, and recently, forgiveness came into my heart. I believe God helped me to forgive her.


  I continue to pray for my mother not to drink and that God will change her life. If I wanted to hurt her before, all I want now is that her life will be changed for the better. 


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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