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             Ivanovka School of Hope is located between Bishkek and Tokmak in a town with a population of approximately 16,000. Most people are Dungans, a group of Muslim people of Hui minority originally from China. Since “School of Hope '' was founded in 2001, there have been 12 classes graduated. Our students frequently get the highest scores in exams and go to good universities in Kyrgyzstan as well as Russia, Kazakhstan, and China. The school strives to maintain a peaceful environment and positive attitude among students, their parents, and the teachers.


         As school coordinators, we continue to pray for the staff, students, and their families. We also pray for the village of Ivanovka and the neighboring villages. We believe that the influence of God's kingdom on earth is primarily through prayer. We pray that God would allow us to speak His word in power, to arrange situations where we can share His word. This month in high school morality classes, there were topics about a person's purpose in life, as well as bad habits. There was an opportunity to sow the Word, to share about the works of God in their lives with the 11th grade class, and to speak the Gospel to the 10th grade children. Also on October 28th an event "Say no to Bad Habits" was held. The event was about the harm of smoking, alcohol and drugs. They spoke about the harm of modern electronic cigarettes. We invited our guests: a physician, a pastor and two youth leaders. The children from the 6th to the 11th classes were invited to the event. The medic from a medical point of view covered the topic. The pastor and youth leaders shared testimonies from their lives and the Word of God was spread. At the end of the event, coordinator Diana shared the gospel.


   In July we had a summer camp. In addition, we had sports games and thinking over evangelistic topics, we spoke about important topics to teenagers, for example, true love, the difference between love and infatuation, building relationships with parents and peers, different kind of addictions, and suicide. Students are very open and some of the topics really touch their hearts, they asked questions and listened carefully. From day to day we saw the changes God made in students and we believe that someday they will make big changes in Ivanovka village too.  


  1. The successful completion of the new Gym building.

  2. God's Word, wisdom, and boldness for us to preach the gospel, as we should.

  3. For the salvation of Igor and Maxim.

  4. For a Christian taekwondo and aikido coach.

  5. Please pray especially for the salvation of the Dungan people.

  6. For the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit in working with parents.

Please pray for the financial support to build a gymnasium at Ivanovka School last year


Diana, a Spiritual Coordinator in Ivanovka School of Hope

         “Most of the population in our village is Muslim. Since our school has wonderful teachers and a wonderful atmosphere for moral education, many Muslim parents bring their children to study at our school. Here we have the opportunity to be a light for them, to show them the love of God, and to give them hope ... “


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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