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The following testimony is from a manager of the Creative Studio in the Playground.

Testimony | September 2021| Playground

        I was born and lived in Russia. When I was 48 years old, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. After a while, my husband accepted Jesus too. Unfortunately, he died of high blood pressure. In short, after my husband’s death I came to Kyrgyzstan and married a man from Tokmok.


        The very first thing I did in Kyrgyzstan was that I went to the "Temple of God” Church where I met Elena Romanovna, president of Mercy Foundation and many other people. She invited me to work temporarily for MCCF. When I found out that Mercy Foundation works with children and has many projects, I was very surprised and thanked God. Although I did not see Mr. Yang personally, I saw God's work through the projects. I saw Mr. Butch Rafferty personally. He worked hard and helped many students. I saw in his life humility, and love for the Lord. When the janitor came back from her vacation, I left Mercy Foundation. However, after some time Elena Romanovna opened a "Creative Studio" for mothers of children who attend the Playground.  


        Through the Creative Studio, I learned to make a lot of wonderful and useful things from simple materials. Soon I was invited to lead the Creative Studio. Now I teach both adults and children. I tell children stories from the Bible during classes. There are four mothers constantly attending our classes, and I always tell them about God's love.  Besides this, I joined a volunteer team for Jarbashy School, where we teach school staff different crafts. We read the Bible together and share our stories and thoughts with them every Thursday when we go to Jarbashy.  I like Jarbashy and the school very much. It’s a Kyrgyz village, and people there are open and sincere. 


        I am grateful to work in such an organization where people spread the Word of God, and I am grateful to all the sponsors who support the projects of MCCF both spiritually and financially.


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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