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The following is testimony of student of Kara-Balta Christian Orphanage, Rodion Vasilets

Testimony | September 2021|Kara-Balta Christian Orphanage,

 “At the orphanage, I finally felt love and care”

          My mother was abusing alcohol for as long as I can remember. Alcohol abuse and my mother’s age of 40 caused pre-mature birth so I was born with perinatal damage to the nervous system. From the moment of my birth, my biological father refused to take responsibility for me. After a while, my mother was deprived of parental rights due to her immoral behavior, and my older brothers Maksim and Danil were sent to the orphanage. They are graduates of a Christian orphanage now. 


          I was six when my mother died and I was sent to the city orphanage. Living conditions at the orphanage were not good so my aunt (my father’s sister) decided to take me out. She had her own family. At the very beginning, everything was fine and they were happy to have me, but it didn't last long, I didn’t feel like I’m loved or needed anymore. My aunt was busy working around the clock and her husband didn’t take care of me either. I was on my own. I spent days playing around and having meals at the neighbor’s houses. I went to school at the age of 7. Unfortunately, there was no one involved in my education process so I struggled a lot with it.  As a result, I was always behind my classmates who could already read and write. Soon my aunt realized that she can’t handle the responsibility so she put me back to the orphanage. 


         On November 11 of 2020, I was sent to the Christian orphanage. It was hard to get used to my new life and also, I had to study hard. I tried to behave like everything is good and show the best side of myself  but the things that happened in the past followed me. Sometimes I was terrified and had emotional swings. Gradually I got used to living in a big family called an orphanage. I finally felt love and care. The Christian orphanage gave me the opportunity to heal my short but broken life. Prayers, worship, and everything I get here help me to grow spiritually and live a stable life. I began attending classes steadily and learned many new and interesting things. Moreover, I felt my little heart opening up to God and I began to pray on my own.  My life has been totally changed through the ministry and care I get at the orphanage. I got an opportunity to get to know God fully and to be safe with Him. I am still on my way to God and I believe that He will heal my heart and wounds and put me to the right place in life. 


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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