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The following is a testimony from Nurkyz, a 6th-grade student in the village of Jarbashy.

My School is my family

My School is my family

Testimony | April 2021| Jarbashy School

I have been studying in this school since the preparatory class. My mother worked at this school as the school facility manager.  I thank God that my mother sent me to this school.


I am from a single-parent family, living with my mother and brother. My brother is 16 years old and studying at the lyceum to become a cook. My father left the family when we were very young and my mother had a hard time raising and supporting us. Later, God gave us the opportunity to build our own little house, which consists of two rooms.


The unique thing about our school is that there we have Bible lessons. By studying God's Word I learned about kindness, humility, and simplicity. I look forward to this lesson every week because through God's Word I am learning many useful skills for my future life. In fact, all the teachers in our school are the most wonderful, intelligent and kind teachers. The relationship between the students and the teachers are close and based on trust. We are like one big friendly family”. 




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