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The following is a testimony about Nurel Turganbaev, a student of Jarbashy School

Reaching families through children

Reaching families through children

Testimony | April 2021| Jarbashy School

There is a Bible study class at Jarbashy School, where students learn stories from the Bible and paint related pictures. All students are involved and listen to me carefully during the lessons, but there is a special student. His name is Nurel. He is sociable, sensitive, obedient, and kind. According to his behavior and answers during the classes, we can see that he knows the Bible stories very well. 


We were curious about Nurel so we decided to visit him and his family. Nurel’s parents are divorced, so he lives with his grandparents (mother’s parents). We had a conversation with his grandmother. His father doesn’t have any job and doesn’t support the family, but she lets Nurel see his father. She told us that Nurel is familiar with the Bible because another grandmother of his is Christian. Sometimes he visits her and she tells him stories from the Bible. Nurel’s grandmother is grateful for the school, and she never forbids Nurel from going to Bible classes. 

This story shows how important it is not only with children but with parents and grandparents too. We will pray for the school, students, and their parents. May God open parents’ eyes and touch their hearts so they can support their children.  




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