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Testimony of Gulnaz Nurdinova , mother of the 11th grade student of Ak-Bata school

Testimony| September 2023|Ak-Bata School

      Hello. My name is Gulnaz. My husband and I have four children. Our daughter Malika graduated from the school "Ak-Bata" five years ago, our son studied here, now our daughter Angelica is studying in this school. There is a reason why we chose this particular school. Our family is a Christian and it is very important for us that our children are studying in a Christian school and have the opportunity to hear about God and pray there.

       I want to tell the story of how our family came to God. In 2000 I was working in a sewing shop. My husband and I had been divorced for 6 years on that moment. I was raising my son alone and it was very difficult for me. One day I heard from one employee that there is a living God. I said if He is alive may He unite me with my family, then I will believe that He is alive. And six days after I said that a miracle happened. My husband who had not seen us for six years came home himself. From that moment on, I believed God and accepted Jesus as my Savior. However, my husband was against my faith because he considered himself a Muslim. He was
against my faith and started fighting with me, blaming me for betraying my faith. He kicked me out of the house, told me he didn`t want to live with me but he wouldn`t leave home and us. One day came when he threw all my things on the street. At that moment I heard God`s voice, He said that if I overcame the difficulties I would receive a reward. I didn`t understand what kind the reward will be if my husband kicked me out of the house but I obeyed God and left all my things outside and went to the pastor to pray and calm down. The pastor suggested me to stay with his
family for a while but I told him that God had promised a reward for me so I better go home now. When I got home I couldn't believe my eyes, my husband had brought back all my things home and was waiting for me. I quietly lay down and went to sleep. In my dream I saw some black shadow come out of my husband, I started praying in the name of Jesus for it to go away. I saw how this black shadow left through the window and in the morning my husband repented and accepted Jesus as his Lord. That was a gift from God and I understood that it was the reward
God had promised me. After that situation me and my husband are having wonderful life with God and with each other. Now we have four grown children who serve God. Thank God for His grace. And thank God that we have such a Christian school where our children can study and know about the Lord.


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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