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          Elder Yang Chia Shan, a captain of commercial marine shipping companies, was called by God to go to Kyrgyzstan for mission work in 1999. He was moved by this vision from God: “In order to bring the Gospel to Muslims, it must begin with the children”.


           Mr.Yang believed that God wanted him to open Christian schools legally and publicly. With God’s mighty power, Mr. Yang established Mercy Charitable Christian Foundation (MCCF), the first Christian organization approved to operate schools by the Kyrgyzstan Department of Religion. Between 2000 and 2017, Mr. Yang established five primary and secondary schools, an orphanage, a boarding school for children with disabilities, an indoor sports gymnasium and a playground.

          Global Life Enrichment Center (GLEC) was called and entrusted with this miraculous children's education ministry in Central Asia to continue Mr. Yang's legacy.

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           The high quality of our teachers and excellence in education programs have won the recognition of many local Muslim families. We have school chaplains (Spiritual Coordinators) to provide Bible classes, prayers, and morning devotions witnessing Christian faith. Our students get to know Christ, learn about the teachings of Jesus, and have the opportunity to live with Christians. The Gospel works through our teachers and salvation enters the local families through the children attending our schools.

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Primary & Secondary Education

GLEC was entrusted with Children's Education Ministry in Central Asia


Altinay Sherembekova, an 8th-grade student in Jarbashy School

         "I attended the Jarbashy school as a first-grader in 2013. Time flies by quickly, and I will be leaving our school in a month, due to the fact that our school does not include a 9th grade. Now I will have new teachers and new classmates, but I will never forget the kind eyes of my teachers that I have seen every day for 8 years. I am very familiar with everyone, and this separation will be very hard for me to bear.

          My memories of this school include the lessons we had in our classrooms, how we celebrated different holidays, and how much fun we had. School bells, breaks, rulers, gifts, summer camps, and most importantly, the teachers of our school! It was them who gave me knowledge and supported me through difficult times. All of them became very close to me. And for this, I want to give them a huge thank you! I do not want to leave my teachers and classmates, and I will miss them very much! I lived an amazing life at school, one that was filled with different experiences.

         Throughout my school life, I realized many things and learned an incredible thing. I heard about God. I am truly proud of all the people I have come through within this long, but interesting journey! Life at school has given me many adventures and loyal friends, and I will try to keep them in my heart and remember them.

         Now, I want to thank all the supporters for their patience, faith, and help! Thank you for building this school in our village. Without your involvement, we would not be here! Thank you so much!  I wish all the best to the teachers of Jarbashy School because they are the best, the most kind, and the most creative! That is why my school is my second home!

           During this quarantine, we studied online, and in spite of this I studied well; I read the book of Daniel myself. I learned that Daniel was faithful to God despite the difficulties and that God did not abandon him. I believe that God will not leave us in difficult times, and pray to him." 


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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