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The high quality of our teachers and excellence in education programs have won the recognition of many local Muslim families. We have school chaplains (Spiritual Coordinators) to provide Bible classes, prayers and morning devotions witnessing Christian faith. Our students not only know Christ but also learn the teaching of Jesus and have the opportunity to live with Christians. The Gospel works through our teachers and salvation enter the local families through their children attending our schools.

The orphanage and the boarding school for children with disabilities were established about two decades ago. They are beacons of hope for children without parents and children with special needs. We care and lead these children to Christ and restore "the image of God" in them. We equip them with the skills to earn a living through proper education and training. We strive to build up our children's self confidence which is crucial for their future lives.


International University of Central Asia (IUCA) was established in 2008. Its goal is to provide quality higher education to students from Central Asia. The strengths of IUCA are academic integrity and English education. Currently, there are 8 departments with about 400 students. Under poor economy environment, more than half of the students need scholarships. After graduation, most of them either find a job or continue their education. 

The indoor sports gymnasium and children’s playground serve as platforms to outreach for local Muslim children. Through various classes, weekly worship meetings, games, summer camps, VBS, and other activities, we create different programs to interact with local communities.  We hope these outreach ministries would change the historical prejudice against the Christian faith and introduce Jesus to children, young adults, and residents in local communities.


​We partner with International Micro Enterprise Development (IMED) and CEO Global. 


IMED is to train, fund, and coach entrepreneurs in developing countries like Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Nepal, Bulgaria,  India, and Russia. So far, over 600 businesses have been started among some of the poorest populations on earth. CEO Global offers The Way To Success (TWTS) program. TWTS teaches students how to become successful servant leaders of integrity. TWTS focuses on students’ holistic development.

Business As Mission

You're invited. You should be included. And you will make a huge difference. Be a partner with us, wherever you are.

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