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The following is a testimony of a teacher at Boarding School for Disabled Children in Kemin, Irina.

Testimony | September 2021|Kemin Boarding School

         I have been working at a boarding school for 2 years. During this time, I came to the Lord and started going to church, and in May 2021, I accepted the Lord. I am very happy that God has given me the opportunity to work on His project to serve children with special needs and spread the Word of God.

         In June 2021 we went to see the children with an evangelistic program led by our spiritual coordinator. We told children about Jesus Christ, sang songs of praise, and reminded them how God loves everyone. At the beginning, I didn’t know the right way to speak to children about Christ. I was nervous and afraid to forget the words during the play. But when we started talking about God and glorifying His name, everything changed around us and in us. I saw children’s positive reactions and parents became interested about the message we shares.


        I thank God that He filled us with confidence and gave us wisdom. I felt more and more confident and joyful with each visit. We visited 6 to 10 families every day, and we finished visiting all of them in 4 days.  We noticed changes in children and their parents, and when they heard about God’s love, their faces began to shine. Their souls filled with love and joy, so they praised God and danced together with us.


   Sometimes their neighbor’s children joined us and participated in all the games actively. I prayed before every new meeting, that He would give me wisdom and strength and that God would answer my prayers. The Holy Spirit filled me more and more, and gave me strength. My soul became calm, and joyful, and the nervousness disappeared. Our visits were under God's blessing, and you could feel His presence very strongly. We saw great work that God did. He filled all hearts, and touched everyone. He lit up the light and warmth in each heart and gave a lot of happiness. I am very grateful to God for His love, care, support, and help, and also for the happiness that HE filled us and still fills us with. I say THANK YOU to God for everything.


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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