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School of Blessing

Every year, the students and staff organize events in order to support local people. There are concerts, sharing a Word from the Bible, gifts and events dedicated to parents. The children tearfully give a piece of their love to each of them. Through this project, school teaches students mercy, sacrifice and love. 

An outsider's view

Goal of the training is Formation of competence in the field of independent cognitive activity; formation of critical thinking; acquisition of group work skills.

Objectives:  To reveal the relationship between the external and internal beauty of a person. To show the important role of a healthy lifestyle in the process of human self-improvement. The main topics of the event. 

-What is beauty, what kind of person do we consider beautiful, what helps a person to be beautiful?    

Indeed, who among us would not like to be beautiful, charming, confident, able to behave at ease in any environment. All this is possible, but only with special attention to ourselves. What do we live for? Everyone may answer this question differently, but there is no doubt that everyone would like to live their life in such a way that they do not remain unnoticed in our world. The goal of every conscious person is self-improvement and achieving a high level of spiritual development. through the rational self-organization of the work of the mind and will, communication with other people, diet, healthy lifestyle, strengthening the psychophysical tone.

Girls performed tasks in groups, reflected on vital issues of the unity of the body and spiritual beauty.

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Sharing love

It has been seven years since the friendship between the school staff and the retirement home continues. The campaign is called: "We need each other". Older people need help and attention, and the participants - students, parents, and staff - get joy from doing good deeds. More and more hearts are responding to the call to participate in the campaign. We are always welcomed in this retirement house. During this campaign, we are able to give people joy and pray for them. The next event is scheduled for January. The elderly people are already expecting us for Christmas.

            Some of the students are already coming up to sign up for the next trip, preparing their special play for the concert. Thanks to the campaign, compassion, love, and a desire to be needed are planted in the hearts of the children who take part in this.

Thanksgiving week

"Thanksgiving Week" had its results too. The students learned the history of Thanksgiving and how important it is to have a grateful heart. With the music teacher, all students learned a song about thanking God and sang it at rulers. During the week, they prepared crafts for the exhibition "Harvest Autumn". More than 100 children took part in the exhibition.

            Every day at the rulers, at the moral lessons, the students learn how to live with God. In the lessons, we give the children an opportunity to share their story. They talk about the good deeds they have done, the prayers they have prayed. Most of the children can only hear about this at school.

            It is encouraging that many children come to the coordinators for advice, prayer, and a request for something. We are able to talk to the children personally about the Creator.

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Parents are involved


In 2021, the school has been working hard to encourage parents by having informal parent-teacher meetings with coffee breaks.

We are taking very serious issues with them:

  • Relationships with children - how to connect with them.

  • Domestic violence - how to avoid it? How does it affect a teenager?

  • Causes of suicide.

  • Difficult teens.

Thanks to these meetings, many parents have reflected on their relationship with their children, and have decided that they will invest more of their time and love in them. We are not stopping there, we are going further, we will form a healthy, strong community that will have an impact on the whole city.

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