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The following is a testimony from the spiritual coordinator of Kemin Boarding School. Visiting students during summer break. 

Testimony| December 2022|Kemin Boarding School

   The goal of the  event was to visit students and their families, and encourage them. Visiting students personally helped us to reach our goals: to straighten our relationship with parents and the community we are serving; to see the needs of the families.  

It was a 3 day event. Each day our team would drive to visit different  families of our students. Children were happy to see us, and many have missed school. 

   We are grateful for MCCF providing finances to buy some small gifts for the families and fuel for the transportation to travel to different villages. 

   As a result, we could see how students are growing as kind, motivated, and grateful people.  Thank you so much for supporting our projects. Your generosity helps us to connect and transfer our community. 


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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