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Through GYM's ministry God saved me from suicide 



The pain in my heart and the wounds gave me no peace but there I found peace. (Arina)

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Ekaterina shares about impact GYM had in her life (Ekaterina).

David (April).jpg

Manager in the GYM. (David)

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A new team member of the GYM (Milana).

(GYM) Anna Pivavarova_edited_edited.jpg


The most important decision in my life (Anna)

Adilya Tokmok Gym.JPG

Divine deliverance from addictions



From an atheist to a child of God



From a very shy girl to more open to God and people


1 Проект ДСК. Соревнования по волейболу. Май 2022.JPG


Mansur's journey




With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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