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The following is a testimony about Danil from GYM, Tokmok.

Testimony| February 2024|GYM Tokmok 

    My name is Danil Osipov, I am 16 years old, I live in the city of Tokmok, I
study in public college on the 1st year for IT major. I love to play sports such as
athletics, Frisbee, and volleyball. Before I found out about the Gym, I had a not
very good company where my friends drank alcoholic drinks, used bad words and
smoked. So seeing all this, I also wanted to try it all. I spent a lot of time with them
but I did not try anything myself, I was really afraid of my parents.

      I learned about the Gym through my friend Oleg, he told me that there are all
kinds of clubs, I was interested in it and started to go to Frisbee club. After a while
I found out that Gym is having Sunday meetings with youth and children. In the
beginning I didn't really want to go to the Sunday services, I thought that there
would be nothing interesting. However, I decided to go once and see what they do
and what they talk about. And surprisingly I liked the atmosphere there, everyone
is friendly, everyone pays attention to everyone, and so all this atmosphere is held
over a cup of coffee. I also really liked the topics that are covered and talked about
at the Sunday meetings.

      Thanks to Gym I learned about God, even though I was still an atheist at that
time I began to attend Sunday meetings more and more. I noticed that God began
to show Himself to me, to reveal Himself to me, He began to knock to my heart
and change my life. I realized that I was not an atheist after all but a Christian who
believed in God, truly believed. At the Gym I learned that Jesus gave His life to
save all people from sin. One day I accepted Jesus into my heart. I also learned that
there were youth meetings in the church, I was very interested and I knew that it
was all for a reason, that God wanted to save me from the life I was living. I started
to go to church and youth meeting there. I really thanks God that he found me and
I thank the Gymnasium for their acceptance.


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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