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The following is a testimony about Adilya from Kemin Boarding School.

Testimony| February 2024|Kemin Boarding School

      My name is Natalia Sukhareva, I am the class teacher of a 9th grade student
Elnura Kokunova. I would like to share the story of this girl and how God is
working in her life and the changes I see in her life. Elnura was born in 2009 and
lives in Kara-Bulak with her mom, stepfather (her dad died), grandmother and
two younger sisters. When Elnura came to our school to study, she was a closed,
crying and sometimes aggressive girl. However, while studying at our school, she
began to change, she became more open, more sociable.

       Every morning, at the morning devotional meetings, she sings praise songs with
great joy. When the coordinator asked her if she prays or not, Elnura answered
that she prays to Jesus Christ every night. Elnura has a little sister who is sick with
a heart defect and Elnura constantly asks for prayer for her, even in class when
they pray with the children, she comes to the coordinator and asks for prayer. She
also prays for her father (stepfather) that he can find a good job. Elnura believes
that God answers her prayers. I am grateful to God that He is changing Elnura`s
heart, her attitude to her relatives and to the boarding school students. I am
grateful to all the people and sponsors for the fact that we have such a school,
where children are able to get to know God and then, having learned how to pray,
build a relationship with God.


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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