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Enjoy watching the different events that toook place in March

Art therapy lead by Gym leader Arina

Art therapy in another chatitable fund

International Women's day in Belovodsk school

Celebrating women's day with Kara-Balta orphanage kids

Celebrating womens day with Ivanovka students

Happy womens day for the Kara-Balta orphanage girls

Seminar for the Gym volunteers with pastor Sandy and pastor Taylor

Pastor Sandy from Boston and the team visited the Kara-Balta orphanage for 3 days

Life game at the Tokmok Gym lead by pastor Sandy

Kara-Balta boys took the first place in region voleyball contest

The technology week at the society science lesson in the Kara-Balta school

The club of funny and creative students in Belovodsk school

Kyrgyz National holiday Nooruz in Kara-Balta school

The National holiday Nooruz in Belovodsk school

Celebrating national holiday in Ivanovka school

Kyrgyz National flags day in Ivanovka school

The day of Kyrgyz flag in the Kara-Balta school

The certificate from the Ministry of Education to the School of Blessing thankful letter for influence to the society

Thankful letter from the Educational Ministry to the Kara-Balta school for their influence to the education of our children

Thankful letter to the principal of Kara-Balta school from the local region

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