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The following is a testimony about Nurdan, a 4th-grade student in Kemin Boarding School for Disabled Children

Testimony| April 2021| Kemin Boarding School

          “Nurdan was born in 2009. He is a fourth-grader in our Kemin School. He lives with his parents, has a13 year old sister, and 9 and 5 year old brothers. His father is working in the iron foundry as a driver.  His mother is a housewife and watching the younger children. Their family income is low. Most of the family earnings are spent on Nurdan’s medications. The boy is diagnosed with mental retardation and mild speech impairment.  Nurdan does not have his own room for sleeping and studies. He shares a room with his siblings.


          Nurdan is a very kind and calm boy by nature. His favorite subject is drawing. His hobby is playing a ball. He tries to get along with his peers. In his free time, he likes to draw and watch cartoons. When he grows up, he dreams of becoming a policeman or a driver. During the first days at school, he was withdrawn from other people, and sometimes aggressive toward other students. He did not want to get along with his classmates properly. He was so proud of himself. He ignored all the prayer meetings every morning. 


          But through prayer, God began to touch his heart and his character began to change. He started to make friends at school and showed his interest in the Bible. He had negative experiences from his previous school where everyone treated each other badly. He enjoys the atmosphere at our school. He enjoys singing songs and dancing. God is doing great work in Nurdan's life. We give many thanks to God for our school, where children receive God's love and care”.


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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