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          Mercy Foundation established the orphanage in the city of Kara-Balta in 2000, in the same campus of Foundation's Kara-Balta School. Our children may have parents, but for various reasons, they were unable to take care of their children. For instance, children were being neglected or homeless because their parents were in prison or disappeared. In such cases, the Kyrgyz government will legally find a placement facility, such as a children's home or orphanage where the children can reside. We are called to serve these children today, God teaches us to express love and care for them. Through the children, we have the opportunity to serve as their broken and lost parents. In all this time of work and ministry, the orphanage has had a great impact on many people in our city. This ministry has transformed the lives of children who are now grown and building their families and lives on the foundation of faith in Christ.


          An orphanage is a special place with a special influence. We are able to teach the children Christian character and principles, and we also have the opportunity to interact with the children's relatives and their parents. The children attend the local church and make up a large part of the Sunday school interaction with dozens of other children. Children's participation in church builds in them an understanding that church and participation in worship is an important part of being a Christian. Every night, the children gather in the evening for a short reflection on the Bible stories and prayer. Once a week, the coordinator shares a spiritual reflection on current topics for children and teens, all of which helps to have a positive impact on the children and staff. The older children attend youth ministries where they can interact with other Christian teens, which also nurtures them spiritually.


  1. Wisdom and right approach in serving as a spiritual coordinator

  2. The spiritual growth of children to meet with God so that God can guide and show His will in ministering to them. There are children who do not want to go to church 

  3. For the right approach to the staff and for wisdom in relationships


    Because of the pandemic, the children had no opportunity to participate in various activities, so we wanted to take them to the mountains to rest, disconnect from everyday life, and get a spiritual boost during camp. The camp was called "You're Number One for God." During the day we had active games and fellowship with the children through which we shared God's love with them, and in the evenings, there was time for praising God together and preaching. In the sermon, we talked about God's love and how each person is special to God - "Number One for God." It was a great time for children's ministry.


  1. Wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit in our project. 

  2. For healing of those children whose hearts are not open to God yet. 

  3. For children to have a chance to gather with families at home.


(KBH) Maksim Rybalchenko - spiritual coo

 Maksim Rybalchenko, 24 years old, a spiritual coordinator in Kara Balta orphanage.  He also teaches computer science in Kara Balta Christian school. 

        “I would like to share how God is constantly transforming my life and opening my heart to serve Him through ministry to children.  I come from a dysfunctional family and have had a rather difficult childhood. My parents were addicted to alcohol and it was very bad for my life.  My father ... “



With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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