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The following is a testimony of Bogdan, student of Belovodsk school.

Testimony| February 2024|Belovodsk school

     My name is Bogdan and I have been studying at a Christian secondary general education school for 10 years. If someone asks me about how it is, I will say: first of all it is a school and the school is like a school. There are good teachers who care about the problems of the students. They are ready to help and support not only in the sphere of knowledge but can help with their wisdom. There is a very non-conflict atmosphere in the school due to the fact that nobody creates it. This can be related to the fact that the school has an excellent administration and coordinators, a Christian centered approach which in itself reduces the degree of violence and rejection everywhere. I like my school because this Christian atmosphere makes me think about our world and gives me important things to think about and since I am a creative person, these things are good for me and for the people around me.

     When Eduard, the coordinator came to the school, I started doing Christian activities at the school and helped him with some things. When he left for a while a church was planted in Belovodsk and Eduard invited me there. I was a member there for a while but I quickly began to help and now I am ready to serve not only for the good of the church but also for the good of the school.


      At first, my ministry was as it would have been done by a person who had not been involved in religion at all. I did not understand a lot of things and even more I considered it strange; there were barriers in my way which could leave me in unbelief (or rather, in that state when you believe in God but not in a biblical God but in some philosophical one and you have a lot of complaints and questions to him).

     However, with the efforts of Eduard and his wife, Nastya I gradually got used to the church and it became a big meaning for me. I made another friend there - Jesus. Now my most frequent companion is prayer. I feel more confident, I know that my suffering is not eternal, I know that I am forgiven. With this feeling it is easier to live and I feel true freedom in the Christian sense: "I can do everything but not everything is good for me." If my memory is correctly, this is what the Apostle Paul said. Love has become my language of faith. I try to help and support people in difficult times and I will not miss an opportunity to help others even if it may be harmful to me
or if I will be judged for it. Since I know that God does not judge help.


      God, faith, church, and school are so far the main pillars of my life on which the foundation of my life is being laid.


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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