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An amazing time of reconciliation between children and God

My name is Tatiana Saltanova. I am a spiritual coordinator at the School of Blessing.

Recently, I gave a Bible lesson in the 3rd grade. The topic of the lesson was "The Best Friend”. We were talking about what happened with Jesus on Calvary. The children suddenly asked how to become close to God? I said that we should pray a special prayer and reminded them that some of the children had already asked God for this in second grade. Five of the students said they would pray for the first time. We prayed all together and invited Jesus into kid’s hearts. 

However, one boy Elkhan asked us to pray with him one more time; he didn't have time to pray with everyone else. I can see in the children's requests how significant from them to make the right decision. I congratulated the children on the fact that they are now children of God. And then the kids asked another question, "Can we pray with friends like this?"  "Yes, you should." - I answered. I relly thank God that there was an opportunity to talk to the children about repentance, about how everyone had sinned and needed to ask forgiveness and invite Jesus into their lives. It was an amazing time. A time of reconciliation between children and God.

Again and again I thank the Lord for the children's ministry, for the unique opportunity to bring children to Christ, for the schools where God's Word is heard, and for the people who give those schools a place to be.


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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