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The following is a testimony of Samir. Samir is a 5th grade student in Kara Balta School.

Testimony| December 2022|Kara Balta School

   My name is Samir. I am a 5th grade student. I want to thank God for the school where I study. For the lessons in which we are told about God. We read the Bible in class. 

This year I was visiting my uncle in summer, he is a pastor of the church. My parents and I don't attend church, but my uncle always invited us to visit his church. 

   This year my uncle invited us to an event in Lake Issyk-Kul. It was a Bible study event. I really wanted to go, but my parents were against it at first. I prayed as we were taught at school. After some time my parents agreed and we all went together.   

   The event program also had a Bible quiz. My parents said that I had studied the Bible in school and that I should participate.  I was shy at first, but I really wanted to participate. And I guess my uncle realized that, so he called me up so I could participate. 

I was worried, but then I remembered at school we were taught that if you are worried you must ask God to help. I quietly asked God to help me. And believe it or not, I did it. I answered all but two questions. My family was very surprised. My uncle asked me how I knew everything, and I told him we were going through the Bible at school. I got the prize! I came to the school and thanked my coordinator for teaching us this. 

   I want to go to church, but my parents do not allow it yet, but our coordinator said that I should pray about it. I really hope that God will answer this prayer. 


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