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The following is a testimony from Darya. From Kara-Balta Orphanage.

Testimony| July 2022|Kara-Balta Orphanage

   My name is Daria. I am 12 years old. For 6 years I have lived in an orphanage. My mother died of cancer when I was young. I don't remember how old I was back then. At first, my father raised me, then he sent me to my grandmother to take care of me. My grandmother used to beat me and scold me, so I was taken to an orphanage by the guardianship of authority. Here in the orphanage, I learned about God and started going to church.  

   After a while, my grandmother passed away. My father was seeing a lady, her name was Olya, and they wanted to get married. But my father also died and they couldn't get married. My father was in a car accident a long time ago, but he couldn't recover. Then he got the coronavirus. And as a consequence of the accident and the infection, he died. After all, the only person who remained close to me was Olya. Olya is like a mother to me. She talks with me and supports me. I'm very happy to have her. But unfortunately, about a year ago, I found out that she had heart problems. I worried about it and prayed a lot asking God to help her. I believe God is helping. I recently talked to her, and she said that she is feeling better now. This is a testimony for me.


With your prayers and financial support

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