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The following is a testimony of a student from Kara-Balta school. 

Testimony| December 2021|Kara Balta School

   My name is Artem, and I am an 11th grader at Kara-Balta Christian School. I have been studying there since the first grade; I was here for the first time in 2000. It is a great school. I got to know God and many teachers. I am sure I was at this school for a reason. I remember 11 years ago, when my parents were thinking about where to send me to study, my mother said she knew a school that was very well known in the city, and so I ended up here. I know that it happened for a reason, and the Lord called me to Himself. This school is really special. It has an atmosphere of security and goodness, and I felt the Lord near me. My heart opened up more and more to Jesus, and I came to know Him in my extracurricular classes with Artem, our school spiritual coordinator, who taught me to understand Him. After some time he invited me to the youth meeting in the local church where he and I with many of our acquaintances are also communicating with the Lord, learning to live according to His laws and making this world a little brighter. At the youth meeting, I saw many people who have already graduated from our school and are living their lives with the Lord.

   I am sure that when I leave this school I will not forget the people who helped me - the teachers who were more than just teachers. It is also the sponsors of our school who help me study here. They fully pay for my studies. For me it is a great support, and I see it as the hand of God. I am very grateful for that. I hope that when I graduate from school into adulthood. I will not forget what I learnt, and  I will also walk through life with God, who I am sure will call many more children to Himself and change their lives as it happened to me.


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