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The following is a testimony of Kim Elena, student of Kara-Balta Christian School

Testimony| December 2021|Kara Balta School

   I have been studying at this school since the first grade. At moral lessons and morning activities, we were told about God, how He created the world, how people disobeyed Him, and how Jesus saved us all. 


   This year during the summer, the spiritual coordinators of our school held a Children's Day celebration at the “Living Source” church, and I was invited too. I was too shy to go alone, but my classmate also goes to that church, so we went together. I loved the event very much. We played games, had tea, and sang songs about God, just like at school. After that, I started attending church on Sundays. At the beginning my father stopped me from going to church because he wanted me to go to an Orthodox church only. Spiritual coordinator Irina Feliksovna and I prayed, and God answered our prayer. My father let me go to church! Thank God for that. I love going to church, and reading the Bible. 


   I'm very glad that I go to this particular school. It has a good atmosphere of kindness, and we are taught about God.  I feel comfortable in church, and I find it easier to answer questions and do assignments, because I studied many things in moral lessons at school.


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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