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The following is a testimony from the manager of the Playground, Lola

Testimony| December 2021|Playground

   We have about 40 children attending activities in the Playground.  These activities create a great opportunity for us to share the truth about Jesus.

   We have a personal relationship with those children who have some kind of problem. We listen to them carefully and try to give them advice from Scripture. For example, a student resents his parents because they will not buy him an iPhone. At this time, we explain that not always through the phone, people have good things. God loves him dearly and does not want to lose him because of some games. To God, this disciple is precious, and He wants to communicate with him. When God sees your devoted heart and that you will not exchange God for games or some correspondence, in due time, He will give you the best that you want. Most importantly, we must keep our hearts free from resentment and from unforgiveness. After such conversations, we pray together and put our problems in God's hands.  We also read stories from the Bible with the children during study groups and share our opinions with them.


   There are certainly times when we talk openly, but sometimes we are careful, because many of the children who come to us are from Muslim families. Children from such families, when they come home, tell their parents what we talked about in classes. Unfortunately many parents then forbid their children from coming to the Playground. But despite this, we continue to work; some of them leave and some come, and we always pray that the Lord will protect this place from evil and that the families that heard about Jesus will open their hearts. 


   During the classes, we also drink tea with the children, play games, and award prizes to those children who have participated actively. We celebrate birthdays of the children, giving them gifts that are made in the handicraft classes. Also, once a week, our clubs are visited by parents. During this time, we have conversations on various topics about faith.


   During the conversations, we share testimonies about how God hears our prayers and keeps our hearts from sin, how we received forgiveness of sins and that today Jesus lives in our hearts and keeps us from sin. For everything, we thank God.


   As long as we can, let's take the gospel to children and adults. May the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be glorified in this.


In Kyrgyzstan people do not really celebrate Christmas, because here the majority is from Muslim background. But for the manager of the Playground it was just an opportunity to make this event happen in order to share the gospel and explain the core meaning of this event.

   “Most children attending the Playground are from Muslim background. They were not allowed to celebrate Christmas (their parents forbid it), so I decided to have a small tea fellowship in order to explain to them why many people reject Jesus. After our conversation, I could see through their words that they understood that thanking the Most High God for saving us from sin, shouldn’t be forbidden. I thank God very much for these children who want to learn more about the Almighty and about Jesus.

   Another day, I invited the younger kids to celebrate Christmas. We shared that Jesus saved us from all sin (pride, unforgiveness, resentment, selfishness, etc.). God loves us so much that He did not spare His Only Son for our sins. And whoever believes and accepts Him as Savior, Jesus will forgive all their sins. There was a call to repentance and children agreed to pray and thank Jesus that He was born to save them from their sin. Later we sang, played, danced, had tea time and received gifts at the end. After the party, the parents were thankful for the gifts and for such a wonderful Christmas event.”


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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