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The following is a testimony of a student from Kara-Balta school, Angelika. 

Testimony| December 2021|Kara Balta School

   My name is Angelika. I am a 9th grade student at Kara-Balta Christian School. I came to this school in the first grade, in 2012. Since first grade, we were told about God and the life of faith in the extracurricular classes known as moral lessons, and were introduced to the Bible. Throughout our school years these lessons were a "helper", a kind of "compass" that showed us the exact direction to get to God. In the most desperate and difficult moments of life, this great "faith compass" provided the best help and answers to my difficult questions such as meaning of life, purpose, and eternity. 

   As I wondered about God and my soul, I had a desire to go to church. It has been three years since I started to attend church. Going to church connected me even more closely to God. There I was able to receive constant instruction and spiritual nurture. The church became for me a complete confirmation of the spiritual knowledge I received in school and a foundation for my faith. After meeting with God, my life began to change dramatically, both spiritually and physically. I began to feel that I was forgiven by God and received joy. Before meeting with God, I constantly felt tired, broken,  and had constant headaches. But afterwards, all phenomena began to stop, my mental state gained a level of peace. Many thoughts and assumptions made new sense. My view of the world began to change. More joy, hope and positivity came to my life. School, church and faith played a huge role in my life!


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