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The following is a testimony from Alexandra, Kara-Balta School.

Testimony| June2022|Kara-Balta School

   My name is Alexandra; I study in grade 7 at the Kara-Balta Christian School. I have been studying at this school since the first grade. I love my school. What is special about our school is that we have moral lessons. This class helps me a lot to make the right decisions in life.

   Through this class, I have become closer to God, I realized that God is with me and problems have become much easier to deal with. I used to feel that I was not loved, but everything became easier when I started not paying attention to others and understood that people’s opinion about me was not even important.

   Once I fell down and could not walk properly for a few days, my elective teacher prayed for me, advising me to pray more often. I spoke to God in my own words and he heard me, in a couple of days I started walking normally! I am sure God was helping me even before I was born. The doctors told my mother that she could not have children, she just started praying and asking God for me, I was a miracle for my mother. I was born! I am very thankful to God for the opportunity to study the Bible in school.

   I repented at my local church, and after repentance, I see that I became more kind to people, I became calmer, and I realized that aggression does not help anything. I have a full family; my mother, father, little sister, and older brother. My mom is a manicurist. She also believes in Jesus and goes to church whenever possible.


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