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The following is a testimony of a student of School of Blessing, Alena Senovozova. 

Testimony | September 2021| School of Blessing

“God is Love and Forgiveness” 

              I was born in a non-Christian family so I was never taught biblical principles. My family doesn't follow strict biblical morals, but my sisters attended activities in GYM, and I used to go with them. There are not many schools providing good education and offering classes focused on the moral side of the person in our city. Classes that help you understand your place in the world, the purpose you were created for and talks about who your Creator is and what God’s plan for you is. 

             I attended all the moral lessons from the very first grade. At school we were constantly told that we had to make our own decision whether or not to follow God, whether or not to accept Christ in our lives. I was still in elementary school, when I made the decision to dedicate my whole life to God. I want to serve Him, bring people to God, and bring the Great Message of salvation to the world. Actually, my parents were totally against the faith I had chosen, because they follow Orthodox Christianity. But I am very thankful for the minister’s and the moral teacher’s prayers for me, because after a while my parents became more understanding and stopped forbidding me to attend GYM services.

              Whenever I had a problem at home or at school, I knew I could get support from spiritual coordinators. I could ask for advice, come to talk or to address a need. They always pray for me when I have conflicts with my parents, or when I am resentful or frustrated. The moral classes helped me to smooth out my relationship with them. Once, I heard about Christ’s forgiveness, His suffering and His endless love for people, I asked Him to bring love into my life so I could forgive my parents. 

              I remember once we talked about having a dream, reaching a goal and God's plans in the moral class.  Now I have a dream. I want to reach more young people with the words of Christ. I believe that this is God's plan in my life. God showed me His love and gave me the peace of mind that I needed so badly, after I made the decision to follow Him. I am also grateful to God for the school that educates children and imbues them with spiritual principles based on Scripture. 


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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