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The following is a testimony from a student of Kara-Balta Christian School.

Testimony| April 2022|Kara-Balta School

   My name is Andrei. I am a 9th grade student at Kara Balta Christian School. 

At school I heard through moral lessons that God loves me. There, I also met people who invited me to camp, and then I started going to church. 

   In the summer of 2021 a teacher from our school, who is a Christian, sent out an invitation to a Christian summer camp, which was organized by the local church. The camp was in Issyk-Kul Lake. I loved the atmosphere of the camp! Because the organizers were members of the church, I wanted to see what kind of church this was and where all these people were from. A little later, I felt like attending this particular church, as I was overwhelmed with feelings of joy. When camp was over, I decided I would go to church, but I got there 3 weeks after camp was over. I started going there every Sunday, if possible, because there are times when my parents ask me to help around the house and in the garden. When I first went to church, I saw the students and teachers I knew from our school, and I was surprised that so many of the students and teachers from our school were members of this particular church.

   Thanks to the church, I was invited to a Christian forum at a ski resort in January, 2022. For me, it was a testimony of God's involvement in my life. I met a lot of people there who I now see more often at church, and we have more contact with each other on spiritual matters. Through frequent meetings, I have gotten to know these people better since I used to see them in school and know them as students in our school, but now I have more contact with them outside of school. Every day I learned about Christianity and God, and it also fulfilled my little dream to go snowboarding, which was awesome and educational. I love going to church and learning new things about God. I thank God that my dream to go snowboarding came true.

   Spiritual coordinators moment:   Andrei has become more kind to people, and he is less prone to irritation. Before he would just respond sharply, but now he is showing  restraint.

  Andrei is in the process of repentance and change in his life. There are no obstacles, and it's just a matter of time. In the future, he wants to become a veterinarian and build a Christian family.


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