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The following is a testimony from the spiritual coordinator of GYM about volunteers success.

Testimony| July 2022|GYM

   This year, GYM volunteer Mansur, an 11th grader, graduated from the School of Blessing. He became the best student of the Chui region. 

   For 11 years, Mansur has studied diligently, made efforts, and today he is the only one in Chui region who has confirmed this certificate of being the best. This certificate tells that a student who throughout middle and high school had only excellent grades, and then passes one big exam in several subjects, and if the student gets only excellent grades there, then he gets a certificate of special form. He did it. 

   Mansur accepted Christ two years ago during the pandemic through an online ZOOM ministry and dedicated his life to God. He joined the team of GYM volunteers. Currently, he is also a teacher of the Table Tennis club and is actively involved in the life and ministry of GYM, and also local church.

   Mansur is very grateful for God's mercy, love and care. All of this has happened to him only because God is with him and because God has given him wisdom. 

Mansur decided to pursue higher education at International University in Central Asia, majoring in Information Technology in Tokmok city. 

   The entire volunteer’s team is very happy for Mansour and his results. We are very happy that today such guys can testify about their achievements and at the same time serve God.


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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