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The following is a testimony from a coordinator of Playground. God is the one who keeps families together.

Testimony| April 2022|Playground

   Faiz is a 9th grader. He is a student of a local School in Tokmok city. After visiting Playground, Faiz experienced God's attention to his family, and his life will never be the same. 

   In the Playground’s ministry, every activity is focused on telling children about Jesus. In one of the guitar clubs, there was a student from a local School. He was very tired and almost fell asleep when he came to the Playground. The spiritual coordinator asked him what happened, and the boy answered that he played a game all night. The spiritual coordinator started to talk about the negative influence of games in life. The boy couldn’t keep it inside anymore and confessed that he was tired because his parents were fighting all night. Faiz said “Because of this situation, I didn’t want to go home, so I went to my friend’s house. The fight and the parents' decision to divorce didn’t give me peace. I didn’t want to face my parents at home”. 

   The spiritual coordinator shared about Jesus and that He is able to save this family. They prayed together and talked about this situation. The spiritual coordinator kept on praying about the boy and kept in touch with him via phone. In the next guitar class, they met again, and the boy shared that his parents are living together, and they are not talking about divorce. There is peace at home now, says the boy. The spiritual coordinator encouraged the boy to continue praying for the family, and seek God for his life. 

   God is bringing to the Playground needy, hopeless, and brokenhearted children. It is our turn to share God’s gift of life with them. 


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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