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The following is the testimony of Ekaterina, who has been a member of a dance group for 3 years, as well as GYM Sunday ministry participant.

Testimony| December 2021|GYM

   “My name is Ekaterina and I have been attending GYM for 3 years. It's true that I have started to show up in GYM very rarely lately, but I'm still glad to see everyone. I missed everyone. I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for always supporting me. GYM is the only place where I could find support. Because I had so many problems in my life and there was so much pain that I experienced, GYM was the only place to support and help me.


   I wanted to say a huge thanks to Alena, a team member of GYM. There was a time when she supported me very much and I am very grateful for that. Special thanks to Zhenya, a leader and a spiritual mentor of GYM. He has always supported me and always helped me, gave me the right advice that has really changed my life. Thanks to GYM, my grandmother accepted Christ and for that I am also grateful. My grandmother is a different person now. Thanks to GYM, I have a better relationship with my parents and especially with my mom. These relationships are very important to me.

   Today it is my last day at the GYM; on October 29, I leave for Russia. I wanted to see everyone and say goodbye. And it happened that the last day I came to visit is the anniversary of GYM. When I came to GYM for the first time, it was also GYM's anniversary. I'm very glad that this place exists in our city. Thanks to GYM, there were so many happy moments that I cannot even count. I would say that this is a holy place. It is a memory for a lifetime. Thank you to all for going and supporting me and always being there for me when I was feeling down."

   Ekaterina shares about her deep feelings and speaks with a grateful heart about how much she is blessed to know all the people from GYM. Leaders here played a big role in her life. Even when she leaves, she will dearly miss this special place.


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