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The following is the testimony from a spiritual coordinator of Ivanovka School.

Testimony| December 2021|Ivanovka School

   Together with all the coordinators from our projects, we have a prayer for the power of the Word, for wisdom, that He will arrange what to say in the moments when we share His Word with people. Since most of the children in our school are from Muslim families, we are in great need of the wisdom, strength, love and guidance of the Holy Spirit. So we ask God’s Word to be unobtrusive. I have a testimony of how God arranged these moments in October.

     In my 11th grade class, the kids themselves asked me about how I came to God. I had the opportunity to share my testimony, Praise God!

      In addition, in the conversation with the 10th graders, the topic of human sinfulness was brought up. Since the children are mostly from Muslim families, they believe that man is born into this world pure. I had the opportunity to talk about Biblical teachings on this topic, that being sinners by nature, we all need a Savior. Heaven is a gift from God. Once again, the gospel sounded!

       I am grateful to the Lord and see that the school in Ivanovka is a kind of evangelistic platform in the Muslim region. The gospel continues to resound and have its effect on people!


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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