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The following is a testimony about Victoria from Kara Balta Orphanage.

Testimony| December 2022|Kara Balta Orphanage 

Victoria is 15 years old. She has been living in the orphanage since she was 6. Victoria has a mother who abandoned family because of alcohol addiction. The girl does not know about her mother and does not remember her. Before 2013, Victoria lived with her biological father. Her father beat her, and did not take care of her. The man sometimes worked, but all the money was spent on alcohol. In the spring of 2013, when her father was drunk he wanted to abuse her sexualy. But the girl began to shout for help, and neighbors came and took her with them. Then neighbors wrote a statement to the police. Currently Victoria’s father is in prison. A girl was sent to an orphanage. 


In the summer of 2013, by the judge the girl was sent to live with a great-grandmother from her mother’s side. Also her great grandmother is guardian for her older half-sister, her cousins, who have lived in our Children’s home since 2010. In January 2014, her grandmother had a heart attack. Now the great grandmother is in serious health condition, and cannot take care of Victoria. Therefore, the girl began to live in our Children’s Home. In the beginning the girl really struggled being left again, this time, by her grandmother. However, she is happy now. Living in the orphanage, she got to know about God during our morning devotions, and going to church. Whenever there is a chance to go to church, she goes to church with great pleasure. Recently, the girl accepted Jesus and had basic bible lessons, then after some time had baptism. 


Victoria says that baptism is when God forgives sins and gives salvation to her. 


The girl is clever and smart. She is an active and lively child who can fend for herself. Her health is good. In the future she wants to be a doctor.


With your prayers and financial support

One more child could get a quality education and hear the Good News

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