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The following is a testimony about Fazli Ibragimov, student of Ivanovka Christian School

Testimony | September 2021| Ivanovka Christian School

 “Faith is the fulfillment of expectations”   

        I see that the Lord continues to work with a student, Fazli. We are gradually building a trusting relationship with him. Once, I met Fazli at school, and he had something to tell me. I noticed that he was happy and excited. He said that recently he took an important test. He was also worried about term grades; he wasn’t sure if he gets “C” or “B” - this bothered him so much that he could not sleep at all. Therefore, Fazli said that the night before the testing, he decided to ask God for help. Miraculously, God helped him. Finally, Fazli passed the test and finished the third school term without a “C” grade! That was a miracle for him! I told him that it was not a coincidence.


        Here is another story that happened to Fazli. Recently, he participated in a contest dedicated to the life and works of Russian poet Pushkin A.S., and he got first place. Before he went to the contest, he prayed to God that he would be successful in it. Fazli believes that these miracles are God’s response to his prayers. He also mentioned that he couldn’t forget what I said to him in a conversation about faith, that faith is the fulfillment of expectations.


        We, adults, might think it is nothing, but I believe that through some situations like this God gradually, gently but surely, sows the seeds of faith in a person, which may come up and bring forth a rich harvest! Glory to Him for everything, Amen!


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