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The following is a testimony of the teacher of Kara-Balta school, Svetlana Golovina 

Testimony | September 2021| School of Blessing

(God is the God of miracles) 


I work as an elementary school teacher at the "Nariste" Christian secondary school in Kara-Balta. I have been working in this school for more than 20 years. During my work at the school, I have seen many times that God blesses me. However, this month God has done a huge miracle in my life. I want to praise Him for that. At the beginning of November, I was very sick and had a sore throat and I had to take a sick leave.  The doctors prescribed me a treatment, but it did not help. The doctor ordered an examination, and I was diagnosed, which shocked me very much. They found a cancerous tumor on my lymph node. They appointed an operation to remove the lymph node, I was very worried, because I am over 70 years old. Thank God that the school team supported me, prayed for me and it gave me strength. I asked God to help me during the surgery, but what God did was astonishing and very surprising to me. 

I was first scheduled for surgery and then postponed a couple of times. I was getting upset about it. Our spiritual coordinator at school, Irina, told me not to get upset about it because God has His own timeline and He knows better. And since the surgery is being postponed, it means it is all for the good. I listened to these words, and I felt better. We continued to pray. Eventually I was appointed to see another professor. He examined me and sent me for further tests and examinations. And thank God it was a great miracle - they didn't find the tumor! It was gone! God healed me! The doctor wondered how that could be! But I told him it was only God's miracle! I am so thankful to God! There was such joy in the team, through this situation I saw the Glory and Mightiness of God. I also saw the love and care of my colleagues. This is so precious. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for everything!


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