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Thanksgiving Day at The Tokmok`s PlayGround.

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

We have had Thanksgiving Feast on the Playground on the November 19th. There were about 20 children and some came with their parents. This holiday is closely connected with the history of the spread of Christianity, and it was a good opportunity for us to preach the Gospel. We organized fellowship for children with fun contests and delicious treats. Our spiritual advisor Vladimir told the children the history of Thanksgiving Day, as well as he shared a word about God's great love for each of us and how important it is to have a thankful heart. Then we prayed a prayer of thanksgiving together.

In conclusion, we gathered together at a big table to share a festive lunch. Some of the children brought treats that they made together with their parents.

Whenever we gather together with the children in Jesus' house, whether for club activities or other activities, we preach God's word to them. We try to develop positive qualities and feelings in the children, we want them to become kinder, more attentive to each other, and to have grateful hearts.

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