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"We Need Each Other". Annual student`s campaign of School of Blessing.

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Nine years ago, children from the School of Blessing, accompanied by the spiritual coordinator and head teacher, visited a retirement home. Named the "We Need Each Other" campaign, it serves as a learning opportunity for children, cultivating openness to kindness. Witnessing the positive impact on the children during these visits, we committed to regular support. This marked the beginning of our regular visits to the retirement home, where children present concerts and gifts. The elderly eagerly anticipate these encounters, finding joy in the children's concerts and gifts.

To fund gifts, we initiated a school fair, now a beloved event. Parents, teachers, and students contribute handmade crafts and food items for sale. The fair features class performances, games, and activities, fostering a festive atmosphere.

The fair is a collaborative effort involving all school members, especially senior students who play a key role in organizing the event. It's a time of shared responsibility and creativity. The positive impact extends to family bonding and cooperation.

With funds raised, we organize trips to the retirement home, meeting essential needs such as personal hygiene items, clothes, and diapers. Students also create thoughtful gifts, including cards with Bible verses. Additionally, funds support students who have lost their fathers.

Through our continued presence, the spiritual climate at the retirement home has shifted, with some residents accepting Jesus. Recurrent visits offer transformational opportunities for both students and elderly people, encouraging the development of positive character traits. This event has become more than just a charity campaign, now, it’s a joyful experience for the entire school and a great opportunity to share love with our community.

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